The base course ((usually it is 6-10 lessons) gives understanding of that that represents drawing. Some kind of it the tool which allows effectively and to learn quickly to draw a pencil, applying certain laws and rules, psychological features of perception are thus considered by the person.
  The base course is necessary to learn beautifully to draw, freely to own the tool and to feel confident.
  To the first lesson we ask our students to draw a hand and a self-portrait even if they absolutely don't have skills of drawing. Subsequently they repeat this task, but with luggage of the received knowledge and skills. It is possible to look at the progress reached by students in section base course.

  Having finished a base course students start a basic course - work as gouache and difficult gray-scale drawing a pencil. To show the achievements each interested person can in gallery of гstudent's works.

  In gallery a master class students visited a master class on drawing oil and acryle can show the painting.
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Base course
Basic course
Master class