Many adults want to learn to draw, but a lack skills and, the main thing, to time don't give such possibility.

We bring to your attention a unique technique of training which allows to achieve considerable successes for short term. Drawing becomes for you same natural as reading or the letter.

The applied method approaches all irrespective of starting level. It activates the right ("creative") part of a brain which usually dozes. You can see integrity and beauty in the most ordinary things. Besides all other it is a fine way to relax and have a rest. After lesson you will feel inspired and full of strength. Also that the most pleasant — the got skills aren't lost in due course.

Not to learn to draw simply it is not possible !
the gift

  On lesson you can try various technicians: a pencil, gouache, a water color, the acrylic paints, the mixed technics. To be convinced of efficiency of a technique it is possible having looked at works of students of a base and basic courses.

Lessons pass in masterful artists (in 5 minutes of walking from the underground Beresteiska). lesson group once a week. In group to 5 students, the approach to everyone the individual. Also you can get for a gift the nominal certificate for any number of lessons.
  The training scheme: lesson 1 hours, a 15-minute relax with tea drinking and dialogue and 1 more school hours.

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The beginning of lesson:
basic course, click on a picture

pictures of students drawn with oil

See also the work of students
master-class on sculpting from clay